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Destination: Panamá

Panamá is situated in the tropical Central America, bordered by Costa Rica to the west, Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the south.

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General facts

Location: Central America
Population: 4,034,119
Area: 75,417 km2
Official language: Spanish
Capital: Panama City 8°58'N 79°32'W

Best times to travel

The best time to travel is widely considered from December through mid-April, which coincides with Pacific-side dry season. However, there are better priced travel deals during rainy season.

Travel Highlights

1. Panama City
2. Panama Canal
3. Parque Nacional Coiba
4. Península de Azuero
5. San Blas Islands


Pristine beaches, diving, snorkeling coral reefs, hiking in rainforests, island-hopping to name a few.

Picturesque beaches, lush tropical rainforests and pristine nature

Incredibly diverse natural scenery, from long-stretched beaches, lush rainforest canopy and secluded tropical islands.

Gateway to Panama - Tocumen International Airport in Panama City

Panama City is regional and international business hub, serving as a gateway to Latin-American markets.

Adventure, exotic culture and enchanting mountain villages

Mountainside villages overlooking rainforest boasted with unique cultural heritage. Meeting of the minds on the roads less travelled.

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